What are custom tools? Dekho can be customized to accommodate custom tools. A custom tool is a small .swf file, usually copied in your Dekho installation folder. It enables customers to enhance Dekho with new interactive features. 
Examples of custom SWF add-ons include: Geolocation, StreetView, earthmine, Dual-map, Geocode tool, GeoRSS, Google maps tool, NearMap add-on, etc.

The Dekho installation package features a Flex project including examples. This SDK allows Dekho customer with Flex Builder experience to develop their own custom tool.
Please note: Dekho custom tools are not supported by Esri support. Most tools include the Flex source code and customers are free to modify and recompile the projects. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you have made improvements worth sharing with the Dekho community.
circle_earthmine3 Earthmine tool for Dekho 4.1 - Link your earthmine imagery with Dekho with this custom tool. Configure your earthmine API key and secret key and link the tool within your Dekho Admin screen.  The earthmine tool requires a URL to your geometry service. customtool_screen_earthmine2
circle_geocode4 Geocode tool. This tool allows for geocoding and reverse geocoding in Dekho. Type an address to get the location, or click on the map to get the nearest geographic address point. customtool_screen_geocode
circle_geocode4 GeoRSS Tool. The tool pulls latitude/longitude from the GeoRSS feeds and plot points on your Dekho map. The download includes both Dekho 4.1 and Dekho 4.0 compliant .swf files. [more info] customtool_screen_georss
circle_geocode4 Google StreetView Tool. This tool lets you link Google street view on your Dekho map. Simply click on the tool then click a road on your DekhoMap.  A "cone" appears on Dekho, showing you the view orientation. customtool_screen_streetview2
 Legacy custom tools thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Waypoint to Redline tool thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Generic ArcPy Sample for Printing thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Street View thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Dekho HTTP Proxy thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 GeoRSS thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Google Maps thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Ldap Browser  thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 NearMaps thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Splash Screen thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Viewshed Analysis thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 Waypoint to Redline thinbar_410px bullet_gray2 YouTube Spatial Search thinbar_410px            
circle_duelmap2 Dual Map tool. Simply click on the tool and select a point on the map to generate multi-view pop-up window showing Google Street View and Bing's bird's eye view. customtool_screen_dualmap3
circle_profile Surface profile tool. After a polyline is drawn on the Dekho map, the tool returns a profile graph from the Esri Sample Server. Source code is also provided to point to geoprocessing services, if required. customtool_screen_surfaceprofile2
circle_drivetime GeoLocation. This custom tool extracts the HTML5 location (coming from your IPAddress or connected GPS) and zooms the map to your current locations.   This tool requires a small modification to your Dekho.jsp file. The Flex source code is included. [more info..] customtool_screen_geolocation
circle_drivetime Drive Time. This custom tool consumes the drive times GeoProcessing service from Esri 10.0's sample servers. It renders the output in a graphics layer within Dekho.  The Flex source code is included. [more info..] customtool_screen_drivetime
 Your custom tool. Have you developed your own Dekho custom tool?  Would you like to share it with the Dekho community?  Please contact the Dekho team and we will feature your work on this site.
circle_help Need help? Please contact the Dekho team and we can forward your idea onto the Esri P.S team if you need assistance with custom development.

Download area for Dekho custom tools.