Local Government

Local government agencies throughout Australia rely on the power and flexibility of Dekho as a central point of information. All the data is available in a Dekho web map application. Integration is set-up with external applications (property, documentation or asset systems).


Dekho is used by gas, water and electricity suppliers, allowing internal information to be visually represented, while integrating with external applications created by the likes of Civica, Technology One or Infor.  

Customer Showcase

The City of Devonport is located on the Mersey River , along the north west coast of  Tasmania.  With roughly 26,000 residents, the city is relaxed, yet progressive.  Testimony to that is their adoption of Dekho, which provides the crucial information to the council staff. < read more >.  

  • toowoomba_150px “In the past year, our Disaster Management Group identified the need for spatial tools to streamline and enhance their coordination efforts during disaster events or disaster simulation exercises,”says Paul Fendley, from Toowoomba Regional Council. “We wanted a system that could be easily ramped up for disaster management events, based on existing applications with functions that are used on a day-to-day basis.”
  • portadelaide3_150pxDekho is intuitive to the end user. The Administration interface is simple to use so it’s not a headache to add a new layer orquery,” said Georgie Cassar, GIS Services Officer at City of Port Adelaide Enfield.  Integrating all four corporate systems has provided the council with a location intelligent perspective of their corporate data, allowing trends and patterns to be seen more readily than via a pure report.”

  • westernpower_150px “Dekho works with Western Power’s corporate systems to combine their vast amounts of data into one user-friendly web-based interface. By layering data across a map of their electricity network, Dekho translates Western Power’s complex scenarios into relevant,clear visual presentations that can highlight things such as overloaded grid sectors,areas that require maintenance, or future development opportunities for the network”.  See PDF …

  •  westtorrens2_150px“Dekho provided the solution West Torrens Council needed to bridge the gap between its existing corporate databases, providing users with a single interface through which to view information from a location context.   “We wanted a product that could deliver unparalleled data integration, visualisation and analysis to enable smarter, more efficient business decisions across the council,” said Chris James, Manager Information Services, City of West Torrens

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