Dekho 4.1.10 HotFix#1 released

circle_download2 The latest Dekho 4.1.10 hotfix#1 release is now available from the download area.

Click here for release notes and further information.                                    [ .. ]

Release notes:
– Crystal & SQL Report issue fixed: Map Services had to be turned ON for report to be printed.
– After server catalog reload, the templates do not always refresh correctly (F5WI493893).
– Fixed error  “The SQL statement you entered is invalid..” after editing a query that was injected by the migration tool.
– Fixed inability to edit queries that were added by migration tool (syntax) (F61A676274)

If you are renaming the “Dekho.war” file into “Dekho4110.war”, please follow the instructions in the following blog post:


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