How do I get the Dekho map to only have some of the print layouts?

The purpose of this blog post is to answer a question I get asked a lot of times – How to filter the print layouts for a particular map and if the print layouts can be assigned based on the roles?

The configuration to achieve this behaviour is pretty simple to implement but is a bit hidden. See below the step by step guide.

While publishing the Dekho Map, click on the Print panel that has been assigned to the Map. This will enable the Settings button as shown below.


Click on the Settings to select the Roles to which the print panel will be available.


Note – If using NTLM, LDAP etc for Authentication, clicking on the Settings button will show you a list of all the groups imported.

Clicking on any of the roles, will enable a list of layouts. You can then select the layouts that are available to a particular group of users for a particular map.


Publish the map and you are good to go.!


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