Dekho 4.1.10 has been released.

circle_download2 The latest Dekho 4.1.10 release is now available from the download area.

Click here for release notes and further information.                                    [ .. ]

Release notes:
– Includes cumulative hot fixes from 4.1.9.
– Ability to create search queries based on Manual SQL
– Fixed raster data set display issue in Dekho client.
– Faster “identify” performance.
– Resolved issue with oneSearch occuring during indexing from some Oracle database
– Printing layer/group visibility improvements
– Update of display field in Layer Info Query, when map service is reloaded.
– OneSearch fix (smaller data block request so all features are included)
– Improvement in print service legend rendering (complex symbology)
– Fix rendering visibility issue for raster & mosaic layers
– Template group “visible” flag fixed.
– Fixed raster-layer group settings and legend rendering
– Improved field validation in Admin GUI
– Added support for data source new service name (instead of SID)
– Improvements to WMS string detection
– Improvements to printing functionality (layer visibility)

If you are renaming the “Dekho.war” file into “Dekho4110.war”, please follow the instructions in the following blog post:


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