Dekho 4.1.9 – Hotfix 5 (cumulative) has been released

The Dekho 4.1.9 Hotfix 5 has been released today by the Development Team.

bullet_gray2 Fix “Layer visible” flags not respected with tiled Image Services.
bullet_gray2 Fix Unnecessary call to 54.gif image
bullet_gray2 Fix Red Mark-up symbol now displayed for GotoXY (Zoom to Coordinates)
bullet_gray2 Fix Unable to configure NTLM when domain server returns more than 1000 records
bullet_gray2 Fix Oracle where clause validations in Layerinfo and Featureinfo queries.
bullet_gray2 Fix Oracle driver not been pre-populated when switch from other datasource types.
bullet_gray2 Fix oneSearch issue related to secure service.
bullet_gray2 Fix the LDAP Authorisation conflict on “Dekho Administrators” role name.

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