Dekho 4.1.9 utilities explained

Dekho 4.1.9 download pack includes three separate utilities, aimed at different scenarios.

This blog post will help you understand the tools, what they do and where they are applicable. [read more]

[1] The Dekho407to419update is a java .jar file that reads the old Dekho 4.0.x configuration and injects it into your new Dekho 4.1.9 installation (clean database created with the SQL script found in installation package).  It requires both systems to be running at the same time.  Check the video explaining the process.407to419jar

[2] The esriau-dbmigrationtool.jar modifies one Dekho 4.1.9 database. Its purpose is to make it point to your newly installed ArcGIS server.   This tool scans though your database and substitutes the old ArcGIS server URL with the new one. This tool is a java command-line tool where you specify the old ArcGIS server URL, the new ArcGIS server URL. It also uses the file to access the Dekho database.


[3] The esriauProductUpgrader is a GUI helper that will run SQL scripts to upgrade from one Dekho 4.1.x to the next version. Only one Dekho system is required and the tool will use your file to update the Dekho database tables.  It is the equivalent of the old “upgrade script” from earlier versions of Dekho (with an easy-to-use application).



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