How do I get my new MDS key for Dekho 4.1.9?

mds_logo As mentioned in a recent Dekho Newsletter, MDS (Mapdata services) upgraded their MDS Foundation Map and changed the authentication mechanism.                                                   — What does it mean for you? ( .. )

Dekho V4.1.9 has been upgraded to handle the new MDS Fundation Map tile format. As an existing Dekho user, you are entitled to claim your MDS API key.

1. Write an email to

2. Specify your organisation name

3. Write your contact name and details

4. Write down a list of “referrers”.  Referrers are host names where you are running your Dekho from.

Examples would be:

You can send many host names to MDS and receive one API key.

Do not include a port number (:8080) nor the name of your /Dekho folder.  MDS only requires the hostname(s).

5. You will receive an MDS key similar to this: CA2Hv4s3cIbbVkgWP9duXiFab5e7KpUkjEhmORNe

6. In Dekho 4.1.9 : Admin : Authorisation , paste your MDS key


You can now add an MDS Foundation map to your Dekho template.

Please note that MDS Foundation Maps are delivered as a tiled map service, projected in WGS1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere). This can not be re-projected in Dekho.
Spatial Reference: 102100 (3857)  
What about old Dekho 3.2.3 and Dekho 4.0 users?
The old MDS URL will be discontinued very soon. Please contact MDS if you have any questions. 


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