Migrating from Dekho 4.0 to Dekho 4.1

Dekho 4.0 to 4.1 upgrade : Further tips.


1. Configuration MXDs

1.1 Validate each layer referenced in every configuration MXD
Step 1: Open the configuration MXD in ArcGIS Desktop
Step 2: For each service reference, check that the layer exists by navigating to the ArcGIS Server Services REST endpoint for that service. The layers should be listed under the Layer section.
Step 3: Click on All Layers and Tables
Step 4: The layers should be described on this page

Solution: If the layer is not listed, validate the map service source MXD by fixing all broken data sources and republish the map service.

2. Maps

2.1 Reload all maps in Dekho 4.0
Step 1. Open Dekho 4.0 Administration Interface
Step 2. Go to Maps
Step 3. Click Reload

3. Queries

3.1 Remove all references to database names in queries.

Step 1. SQL queries should contain no more than one dot. Remove the database name from the SQL query. Queries are formatted as <Database Name>.<Schema Name>.<Table Name>.

The Database name should be omitted.


3.2 Navigate through each search query in Dekho 4.0.
This involves editing each search query and navigating through the wizard, saving the query at the end.

4. Data Sources

4.1 Validate each data source schema name
Unlike Dekho 4.1, Dekho 4.0 does not validate the schema name specified. Ensure the schema exists in the database referenced.

4.2 Assign the “View Definition” privilege to the schema.

Step 1. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, log in with System Admin privileges and assign the “View Definition” privilege to the user specified in data source connection.

Post Migration Tasks

Step 1. Reload the security configuration (NTLM only)
This imports the users and roles from Active Directory. Perform this step until users and roles are imported. In some cases, this operation fails and needs repeating.

Step 2. Rename the “Dekho Administrator” Role in the Dekho 4.1 configuration database.
Note: This step is optional. If using NTLM authentication, roles will be imported from Active Directory. When this happens, two roles named “Dekho Administrator” will exist. Rename the role with an ID of 2.
A fix to the migration utility might be forthcoming which would resolve this issue.

Step 3. Restart Tomcat

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