Testimonials from the classroom | Dekho 4.1 training

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of March 2015, we ran a Dekho 4.1 Training for GIS Administrators in Melbourne with a busy class of victorian and tasmanian Dekho users.

The feed-back has again been very positive.  Learners acquired good confidence in the product and some of them have already started implementing the latest version 4.1.9.


– “I left the course with a better understanding of Dekho and how to administer the product. Learnt a lot of things I previously didn’t know. Great course well worth attending .”

“The Dekho Administrators Course was one of the very best that I have attended”

– “I really enjoyed the training and learnt a heap of things I didn’t know about Dekho. Hope to have 4.1 installed real soon”


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