How to migrate your Dekho 4.0.7 to Dekho 4.1.9

Dekho V 4.1.9 includes a new and improved upgrade tool to migrate your maps, queries and bookmarks automatically. This tool performs a side-by-side migration; Both the old Dekho 4.0.6 and the new V4.1.9 must be running at the same time.  They can be installed on different servers.  The upgrade tool extracts your old config MXD and injects new templates and maps into the new Dekho 4.1 system. The migration tool re-connects your queries, roles and bookmarks automatically.   [..]

What is required?

bullet_gray2 The upgrade tool is located inside the Dekho 4.1.9 release package, under \Utilities\Dekho407to419UpdateTool.
bullet_gray2 Dekho 4.0.7 (source) must be running [do not overwrite or delete]
bullet_gray2 Dekho 4.1.9 must be installed, licensed and running with the default “blank” database.
bullet_gray2 The new Dekho 4.1.7 authentication system must match whatever is set in the source Dekho 4.0.7 system

Running the migration tool

Please refer to the instruction sheet (pdf) available in the Dekho 4.1.9 release pack.




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