Dekho 4.1.8 release – Features & Improvements

Dekho 4.1.8 release is imminent (*) and will contain the following features & improvements:  …


– Combo-box list improvements (removed duplicated/blank entries).
– URL list exports to excel file.
– Upgrade to secure map services (within groups).
– Template legend icons improved.
– Improved support for WMS.
– Enhanced printing options, including secure Dekho printing service.
– Upgraded Layer Info Query ordering, in Client App and Admin GUI.
– Improved results panel export (using query alias)
– Server catalog: reloading map services improvements (synchronization)
– Client GUI Search fix (concurrent Search Flow and oneSearch)
– Ability to modify the log level from Admin GUI (e.g. debug mode)
– Improvements to Authority and Property & Rating Integration modules (see InstaLink doc)
– Upgrade to Crystal Reports handling (Map display)
– Client GUI improvements (tool-tips over icons)
– Map Template improvements, managing sources with different coordinate systems
– LDAP / Active Directory upgrade.
– MDS Foundation Map authentication page added.

The complete release notes are available as part of the release package.

blog_download The download link should be available as of Monday 1st December 2014.
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