MDS : Map Data Services | New IP address + New look coming up soon..

 The MDS IP address of the server was changed Friday night (19 Sept 2014).
Depending on the version of Dekho, when the MDSFoundationMap (MapServer) is not available Dekho can be unusable for an organisation.

  • Issue: Some organisations have their network or a subnet configured to allow MDSFoundationMap access via only a fixed IP address.
  • Resolution: Check your firewall/network and make sure the IP is allowed to get through. [ Note: While the Public DNS name currently resolves to the IP address, this may change and it is better for customers not to rely on this IP when configuring their network communications]
  • How to test: Use a browser and go to then try
  • Get notified: If you would like to be automatically notified of MDS changes (possibly) affecting your system, please register here:
    <register for flash notifications>

NEW LOOK, (coming up soon)

The recently refreshed MDS Foundation Map sports nifty new features, including:

  • Custom styles – for maps with a personal touch;
  • A fresh new cartographic look and feel – making your data the hero in any project; and,
  • Detailed new map features – instantly viewable in your web browser

mds_new mds_old

Try it out!

The current MDS URL required for Dekho is

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