OneSearch: Cleaning up the indexes & rebuild/clean

Here are the instructions on how to clean up all of your oneSearch indexes. This instruction-set can come in handy if your data is corrupted or if you wish to clean up the index files and restart from scratch.  The following instructions only apply to Dekho 4.0.x

  1. Stop Tomcat
  2. Delete everything inside C:SOLR ,  (You can’t delete this unless Tomcat is stopped)
  3. Re-deploy the SOLR zip file (attached) in your D: drive, this will re-create an empty folder structure in C:SOLR
    > Download from and unzip in C:SOLR
  4. Go to your Dekho Admin : settings page(General) and copy the CACHE.DIR
    It usually looks like this : D:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 7.0webappsROOTDekhoCache
  5. Start Explorer and go to that folder, in there you will see a sub branch called /SOLR    >Delete it.
    Note: Do not delete the older folders : only the solr . See screenshot below.
  6. (optional : clean logs)
  7. Restart Tomcat
  8. Go to Dekho/admin
  9. Select QUERIES and open the oneSearch option.
  10. Highlight the oneSearch query to re-process and click [EDIT…]
  11. Go through next, next, next, & save
  12. (wait)
  13. Check index status in Diagnostic
  14. Repeat for every oneSearch query you may have (max one per map)

Notes About Dekho 4.1
In Dekho 4.1, oneSearch will be processed per map service and its result (index) will be automatically added when a Dekho map gets assembled.

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