Integration Property&Rating/Works&Assets/Pathway : ODBC connections on 64 bits machine

During some of our investigations, we have noticed that some customers run into difficulties when they upgrade their hardware to 64 bit machines.  This error usually happens when the configurations and ODBC connections are deployed globally across the enterprise.

The simplest way to test the integration parameters for Technology One Property&Rating and Works&Asset is to use their PalInvoke tool.
Download link :


The 64 bit version of ODBC DataSource Administrator is started with this executable: c:WindowsSystem32odbcad32.exe
The 32 bit version of ODBC DataSource Administrator is started with this executable: C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe

On some systems, we have noticed that an entry existed in BOTH the 32 and the 64 bits version, but one of them had a different user/password.

Note: You can test and observe what’s in your database by using QTODBC tool –

Once the ODBC connection is sorted, you can test your LINKAGES.  The Linkages are setup inside your Property&Rating or Works&Asset software.
Please refer to your Technology One documentation. and SDK information.

You can now specify a SOURCE and a DESTINATION and you should see at least one linkage appear in the list.  You are even able to double click on a linkage and enter a value to test (ex : a Property ID) and the Technology One application will launch automatically and show you the correct entry.

Once all the steps are verified, you can replicate the parameters in Dekho and finish your integration set-up.


Some customers upgrading to Pathway Thin client and/or 64bit sometime encounter connection issue.
We recommend you discuss the issue with your Pathway tech support as well as download the following file.

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