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After putting together the DRC Tool which consumed the RSS feed from this blog, I had someone ask for a GeoRSS tool. I put together a basic tool based on one of the samples based in the Esri Flex API. This is available for you to bolt on to your Dekho via the Downloads Gallery.   These pull in the lat/lons from the GeoRSS to plot points on the map. The code is also in the download. The sample is more to show how you can consume GeoRSS in Dekho, and has a number of different ways of displaying the results:

  • Using PictureMarker symbols
  • Using thematic symbols.
  • Using tooltips and InfoWindows to display results.

I was hoping on providing some live links to feeds from County Fire Authority and DSE.  However, these do not contain coordinates, but names of places, and are therefore not true GeoRSS feeds.

There are ways to geocode these before plotting them on the map.  For example you can geocode against geonames to get a lat/lon to plot the points.  However, with bushfire alerts, we really need to ensure that the location of the points is spot on.  Let me know if you have a need to consume GeoRSS via the comments.  Perhaps there are some Australian/New Zealand GeoRSS feeds that I am not aware of.

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